Mark from Minnesota

My name is Mark and I am a Lawn Artist. Robotic mowing gives me the ability to maintain my lawn with much tighter tolerances than traditional mowing. By maintaining the grass with different heights and cutting frequencies, I can ’emboss’ my yard thus creating a ‘lawn tattoo’.

Utilizing the boundary wire as if I were delimiting a garden, I have created the image of a dragon with a 50 ft wingspan in my backyard. By adding switches, I can reverse the border polarity. To mow outside the design the polarity runs counter-clockwise. To mow inside the design, I raise the blade height and switch the polarity to run clockwise which keeps the bot inside the design.

My Lawnbott has turned a chore into a hobby, and added a new dimension to lawn care. I have seen light planes and helicopters circle overhead looking at the design. I can only guess what they must be thinking. Now I am waiting for satellite images on the internet to be updated in my area. I am sure it will be visible. The only answer to the question ‘Why create a design in the lawn?’ is ‘Because I can!’