LB85 in YardQuestions About LawnBott

1. What is the Maximum cutting area?

  • LB300EL: 64,000 sf.
  • LB200EL: 33,000 – 38,000 sf.
  • LB85EL: 24,000 sf.
  • LB75DX: 12,000 sf.

(Every yard layout is different; use these figures as a guideline)

2. How long does it take to cut 1/2 acre?

The robot “thinks” in a weekly cycle.  Simply adjust the hours per day and number of days per week to cover the lawn.  This can vary by yard size and complexity.

3. Do you have to bury the wire?

If a LawnBott dealer is in your area, the best solution is to have them install the robot.  They will use a special machine that lays the wire about 1” in the ground and around any obstacles in your yard.  If a dealer is not available to install the wire for you, it can be easily installed on the surface of the ground with the supplied pegs and a rubber mallet.  The grass will quickly grow over and cover the perimeter wire.

4. What happens if it rains?

All automatic models come equipped with a rain sensor that will stop the robot from cutting and send it home if it is raining. The rain sensor can be adjusted or overridden if needed.

5. How long does the unit run on a full charge?

It varies by model and yard conditions. Optimum times are:

  • LB75DX: 1.5 hours
  • LB85EL: 3 hours
  • LB200EL: 3-6 hours
  • LB300EL: 10 hours

6. How long does it take to recharge the battery?

It varies by model.

  • LB75DX: 2 hours
  • LB85EL: 3 hours
  • LB200EL: 3-4.5 hours
  • LB300EL: 6 hours

7. What kind of regular maintenance needs to be done?

Regular cleaning, visual inspection and changing the blade as needed.

See owners manual for maintenance recommendations.

8. What does it do with the clippings?

Since the unit is designed to operate a few to several times per week, it never lets the grass get too tall.  Instead, the small amount of grass cut in a session is simply mulched to help feed the grass. No Clippings!

 9. What happens if it’s stolen?

The LawnBott is password protected and cannot be used unless the PIN is entered. The LawnBott can even be run discretely at night. For additional theft recovery, an aftermarket GPS unit can be added to locate the unit if needed.

10. Does the unit stripe the lawn or does it use a random pattern?

LawnBotts don’t stripe the lawn the way a conventional mower does. Being very lightweight, the LawnBott does not bruise the grass, leaving the lines you see. Also, its blade does not create a strong downdraft of air to bruise the grass, either. With it’s adaptive random pattern, cutting in different directions, it just leaves a lush carpet of grass!

11. Does it work on hills?

LawnBott models can work on slopes up to 25-28 degrees! That’s steep! Most push and riding mowers are limited to 15 degrees.

12. How does it work?

LawnBott relies on a simple perimeter cable to define its work area via a transmitted signal. The LawnBott works only within this area.

13. How do you charge it?

You don’t! The LawnBott will automatically return to its docking station when its battery is low and recharge itself! After recharging, it goes back out to work as scheduled.

14. Zero Emissions?

Yes! Zero Emissions! No gas, no oil, no mess! Environmentally friendly!

15. How much does it cost to operate the LawnBott?

LawnBott only uses about $7-10 per year in electricity!

16. Is this a new product?

No. LawnBott’s have been available in Europe for over 10 years, they have a proven track record and come with a 2 year warranty.

17. How easy is it to program?

The LawnBott has a very simple keypad for programming, anyone can do it!

18. I have a complicated yard shape, will the LawnBott remember the yard shape?

The LawnBott can handle any yard shape since the boundaries are defined by the perimeter wire.  You can also split your yard up into separate zones (up to 4 zones).

19. Does the LawnBott leave any patches of grass un-cut?

The LawnBott does not leave patches of grass un-cut.  It is designed to cut several times a week, ensuring the entire yard is maintained.  By overlapping its cut during the week, it keeps the whole yard well-trimmed.

20. I have trees, flowerbeds and a pool in my yard; how will the LawnBott handle that?

Because the perimeter wire defines the boundaries, the wire can be put around any obstacle in the yard that does not need to be cut.  The LawnBott can simply bounce off of trees unless they have large, exposed roots.  Then they would need to be wired off.

21. What if my kids leave their bike in the yard or the LawnBott bumps into something?

The LawnBott is equipped with bump sensors. If the LawnBott bumps into an object, it will stop, reverse and then head off into another direction.

22. What type of grass can the LawnBott cut?

The LawnBott is designed to cut all kinds of grass, including St. Augustine. LawnBott’s are cutting grass all over the US and Canada.

23. Is the LawnBott Safe?

The LawnBott comes equipped with many safety features, such as an automatic blade shut-off if it’s lifted, and bump sensors.  In many ways the LawnBott is much safer than conventional lawnmowers because you do not have to be present when the mower is cutting; avoiding injuries all together.  Please keep in mind that just as with any mowing device, simple precautions must be taken.  Always read your owner’s manual.