How LawnBott Works

How LawnBott Works in Your YardThe LawnBott is a robot electric mower that automatically mows the grass in your yard.

How LawnBott Works, is that it operates automatically using its sophisticated computer and a perimeter wire to determine when and where to cut. It can move freely within an enclosed area, detecting the faint sinusoidal signal from its transmitter to tell it where and where not to mow. LawnBott can also operate in an area without a perimeter wire in an enclosed area utilizing a fence or small border at least 4 inches tall.

When the LawnBott begins its work cycle (simply programmed by the owner), it leaves its docking station and begins to mow in an adaptive random pattern. It will mow in a straight line until it bumps into an obstacle, such as a tree or flower pot, or until it comes to its perimeter wire, then it stops, backs up, turns and takes off in a different direction. Additionally, LawnBott has a Smart Spiral function where the computer is monitoring resistance from the grass (taller grass equals more resistance), when the computer senses this taller grass, it will begin to spiral outward from that area to even out the grass height. This added feature helps to eliminate any missed areas, and only the LawnBott and essay writer has it!
When the battery starts running low, or at the end of its cutting cycle, the mower will search out the perimeter wire and follow it back to the docking station to automatically recharge. After recharging, your LawnBott will head back out on its own!

With the new LawnBott, you have One Less Thing to Worry About.